Workshop on Sustainable Tourism, Trento 11 June 2010

 On June 11th 2010 Autonomous Province of Trento and University of Trento hosted the International Workshop "Sustainable Tourism practice for the development of marginal regions" in the framework of the European project "Listen to the Voice of Villages".


The workshop on “Sustainable tourism practices for the development of marginal regions” has been an opportunity for all the partners involved in the Listen to the Voice of Villages project to come together and share, with the help of international experts, the state of the art of the knowledge on responsible tourism and to analyze the case history of best practices in the organization and marketing of the sustainable rural tourism offer.
Umberto Martini

Umberto Martini,University of Trento, eTourism Research Group, Governance asset for the development of sustainable tourism

Prof. Umberto Martini, from the eTourism Research Group of the
University of Trento, had a speech on the governance asset for destinations and how sustainable tourism practices can be developed in such frameworks.

Alexandra Jiricka & Arne Arnberger

Alexandra Jiricka &Arne Arnberger, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna Management frameworks for sustainable tourism.

Alexandra Jiricka &Arne Arnberger for BOKU University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences of Vienna, offer an insight about successful approaches in establishing and managing sustainable tourism concepts at destination level. Sustainability indicators as well as destination management frameworks has been presented as developed in eco-tourism context such as LAC, VERP and VIM and rural tourism such as the TOMM model.

Xavier Font
Xavier Font, International Centre for Responsible Tourism, LeedsMetropolitanUniversity, The demand of responsible tourism: a growing market?

The focus moved from management to marketing in order to discuss how sustainable tourism can be marketed in a profitable way. The presentation of Dr. Xavier Font from the International Centre for Responsible Tourism of Leeds Metropolitan University helped to understand how small tourism businesses may communicate and market their sustainability assets, and use it in a commercially practical way. His presentation has review examples of using sustainability in a proper way or not, and how to find the balance between green marketing and greenwashing.
John Hull
John Hull, New Zealand Tourism Research Institute, Auckland, The creation of sustainable tourism products.
Dr. John Hull focused instead on the creation of sustainable tourism offer. He gave insights on sustainable tourism in peripheral regions with a specific focus on strategic planning and management as well as community-based tourism development
Maurizio Rossini
Maurizio Rossini, Trentino Spa, The tourism offer of Trentino: a balance between local values and market expectations

Dr. Maurizio Rossini, Marketing Director of Trentino Spa, gave a presentation on how the marketing strategy of Trentino is able to reach the right balance between communication of local values while meeting market’s expectations.